How to use Temp Email as a free disposable Temporary Email Address

How to use Temp Email as a free disposable Temporary Email Address
Published in : 06 Jul 2022

How to use Temp Email as a free disposable Temporary Email Address

What is a disposable temporary email address. A disposable temporary  Email address is a service that allows you to receive email at a temporary address. That self-destructs after a certain time elapses many forums Wi-Fi, owners websites and blogs. Ask visitors to register before they can view content, posts and comments or download something Temp Email is one of the most advanced throwaway email services that helps you avoid spam. And stay safe on the internet.

The first thing you want to do is open up your browser and then navigate to the following URL address, which is . Once you're here, you'll be taken to the temp Email home page. As you can see at the very top here in this little text box.

You can see your temporary email address is currently loading and that is because Temp Email is generating your temporary email address and there we go Guys in a relatively short period of time, our temporary email address has been generated by Temp Email.

You have to share options here The first one is to copy to clipboard, which will copy your email address. Now the most convenient one of course  is to copy to clipboard, which is what we'll be using here below your generated temporary email address here. 

You have three button for use. The first button here on the left hand side is to refresh your mailing list below which will take you through in just a moment.

The next one is to change your email address

And the last one is to delete this email address.

So  going to continue to scroll down here just to show you the inbox of temp Email. You have the center column here, the sender column here and to the right the view column here. And as you can see our inbox is currently empty and temp Email is awaiting for in common emails . So  going to demonstrate the use of temp Email.

Now by signing up to a new user of CODEPEN in the next tab here.

So the first thing I'm going to be doing is left Clicking on sign up here. And then you have a couple of options to sign up to codepen. First by signing up by Twitter, GitHub or Facebook . We are going to be using sign up with email.

So just going to left click on that now and then  going to scroll down here just to fill in the required parameters. The first parameter  going to fill in here is email. So just going to right click on the email box here and going to paste in our temporary email address. Now for my name and the username. Going to use the user name of Our temporary email address here as our name and our username  so  just going to copy this here, and  going to paste that in as my name and also paste it in as my username, for my password. just going to make one up now. Real quick. Now that I've chosen a password. We just going to hit submit here and just like that guys. We have easily signed up to code pain. Now, of course, anytime you sign up as any user to any service.

You need to verify your account by opening up the temp email sent to you by that particular service and clicking on the confirmation link. So Just go to do that now So we just going to hit never here and we going to go back to our temp Email tab here. And we going to make sure that the inbox is visible here. As you can see it is and we do have one new fresh email in our inbox. As you can see It's by verify at and the subject says welcome to codepen. So we just going to view it here by clicking on this arrow And we going to scroll down  And there we go guys.

We have our full-fledged email here from codepen in our temp Email inbox here and all we need to do to confirm Our registration is left-click on click to verify email. Once we have done that we have officially confirmed our registration to codepen and are now fully able to utilize codepen Services. All right guys, that pretty much concludes the how to use temp mail as a free disposable temporary email address.